Monday, February 20, 2012

Vintage Clothing


Vintage clothing it's subjective, not everyone defines the same clothing as vintage'' There is a difference between second hand clothing of more recent to date clothing. Also known as off-season designer clothing.
Vintage designer clothing has become a brand in itself. Today's vintage is a very broad term and even off-season designer clothing is nowadays included as the term vintage. Vintage clothing was often associated with used clothing, out of full bins of sweaters, accessories etc. you could purchased a kilo of clothing. Smelly rooms with dirty air ofunventilated clothing. And most of the time, the same range of collection to offer.

On the auction site ebay there are broad-shouldered Dynasty-style robes and other clothes, barely a quarter century ago of still active fashion designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, touted as vintage, or like a Prada blouse which is just from a few seasons back.

What's so special about vintage clothing and- /or to hunt after vintage clothing.
Almost every garment is unique.
Exclusive, contributes to a distinctive style of dress. Which helps to maintain your own personal style. Personal style is easy to recognise, yet impossible to imitate. The elusive quality that defines a true fashion independent individual. It's all about this personal style thing these days. 

I like it if clothes look vintage, but I really like it when they don't. I LIKE THEM THE MOST WHEN THEY LOOK LIKE NEW 

These Balmain boots aren't vintage "vintage" but they were definitely a designer "off season" bargain. Won on Ebay

Dress, Jean Paul Gaultier
Boots, Giuseppi Zanotti for Balmain

Looking and working with vintage: It's a pleasure to look for the clothes, it's a pleasure to find them, it's a pleasure to work on them and it's a pleasure to match with your clothing of the new season. And it will be a pleasure to sell them....

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