Thursday, September 19, 2013


In Gucci's new short movie the leading role players are the Bamboo Shopper and Lady Lock Bag. With gusto they are the lead and you're guaranteed for some tasty looking good movie at least for a minute or some.

For Gucci's latest campaign around the autumn sweethearts of their bag collection transformed the London's Savoy into a movie set
This historic hotel Guccio Gucci (founder) worked early 1900s as a lift-boy and was so violent inspired by the new traveling elite. There, in the elevator, the idea arose to ever launch's his own leather goods label. The rest of the history can guess. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld mini horror movie Fendi’s 2013 Fall/Winter ‘INVITO PERICOLOSO’ 

More and more short movies are directed, created and linked to fashion designers, show/ ready to wear collections. As Cartier took it almost 5 years to launch there advertising campaign as a film directory approach. As Gareth Pugh started to show his collection as first initiator on a big videoscreen. As I've posted earlier about Cartier launched it's advertisement campaign as a movie, Burberry new media design, e. o.

Karl Lagerfeld, multitalented and gifted fashion designer, photographer and now as director for Fendi's 2013 fall collection. Entitled INVITO PERICOLOSO, “Perilous Invitation”, the artsy retro-inspired horror film sees Cara Delevingne alongside Saskia de Brauw – each showcasing the Italian fashion label’s fur-centric Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

I'm a graduated Audio Visual communication designer, was my approach to visualize moving images within sequence in timing related to fashion and to trend forecasting. Starting back in 1995 when I created Audio visual presentations for trend/ forecasting assignments. It's inspiring and motivating to see the development and approaches on very high level in fashion nowadays!

Friday, September 6, 2013



Today as we premiere his first film for Saint Laurent, which focuses on the new Ballerina line, he once again re-contextualises the history of the house and imbues it with a new energy. Against a haunting ‘Trick or Treat’ soundtrack, composed and performed by LA-based Clementine Creevy from Cherry Glazeer, model Lida Fox – who also walked in the AW13 show and is considered one of the "mannequin cabine" from the house Yves Saint Laurent – is captured in motion wearing Slimane’s newly designed classic ballerina shoe.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Ok I have to admit, I was a huge Marilyn Manson fan...during his Antichrist Superstar album, Mechanical Animal and Holywood albums... Though Holywood was already the beginning of the end... After John 5 and later Twiggy left the band, it was definitely over for me.

Brian Warner represent himself as his Alter Ego Marilyn Manson, I really found him stunningly beautiful. Everything besides scary or alienated freak...

When I went to his concerts, different countries.
Wearing high fashion. Versace black stilletto booties, which had a small gold detail at the back of the heel. Matching so well with the gold chain/ necklace top which costed me a shitload, to considering it didn't even had a backside.....

Together with a black pair of Costume National Trousers and leather gloves, just covering my fingers and half my hand. .....Mi overdressed Marilyn Manson 'fan',  surrounded by the most pathetic (no offense) tragic look a likes.

I even bought myself some bloodred contactlenses, because M.M wore 1of these. It was at the same time that Alexander McQueen showed his collection and the catwalk models they all wore bloodred contactlenses... So I had to had these myself (special prescription because I'm short sighted -4)

How fascinating it is now to read the news that Hedi Slimane has chosen Marilyn Manson to be the face for (Yves) Saint Laurent.

A few years ago he and his, by that time fiancee Dita von Teese, were already doing the advertising campaign for Vivienne Westwood.

So I love it; M.M. for YSL, a small part of mi will be a 'fan' again of MM this time from my biggest interest& perspective fashion related... A new approach Fashion / pop icons....