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An eye for DETAILS and/ or accessories are also what prevent a personal style from becoming boring. For myself it also important the quality of the fabric or the used materials. 
Since the first time I bought clothes for myself. I preferred to purchase a selection of carefully chosen pieces on a constant theme; longivety, basic and especially not the trend of that moment...It wouldn't last as the collection I have extended as it is nowadays.
Pretending my body will never change (right), the clothes has to last forever.

I have dresses from the beginning when I started to buy designer clothing, I can still wear them today. Through 23 years of directly and indirectly working in the area of fashion, I extended my personal wardrobe as it it is nowadays. Started at the base, to invest a shitload in hardly visible but very important items, basics, to have a basic stock. 
For example basic clothes by Helmut Lang. His most expensive formal clothes have the ease and simplicity of everyday stuff, but the correctness and detailing of ready-to-wear.

I have my own, unorthodox,or perhaps avant garde style is a better word to use, utterly original and totally consistent, own look which became my signature. Never ever ruled by the flows of trends. Not even for all those years when I worked at a trendcompany as a trendwatcher/ trendresearcher. It's for Mi about exclusive, embellishment, vintage clothing, you can buy pieces of fashion designers which you were never be able to,  mixed and personally adapted with pieces of the new collection. 

What makes fashion personal is just the way things are put together. In order to create several looks, but only one style. My personal taste became more and more self-assured in a few years from the start. Which is most of the time overdressed for that particular moment (daily work) or sort of evening wear into daily wear, not to mention is it functional or not.
When I do have a special occasion I really have to pull out everything in order to look real special.

Like last saturday when I went out for a lunch with one of my dearest friends. She was beautiful dressed in Haider Ackermann.. And I wore my beloved Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain, black Swarovski boots. All that glitters... all those crystals. To wear these Crystal boots on any given day, you have to stick to one piece which draw the attention. And then toning down the rest of your outfit to balance it. 

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain black Swarovski crystal boots

Dress Jean Paul Gaultier, wool dress with puffed side pockets. 
Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Swarovski crystal boots


Cashmere & leather coat Helmut Lang Authentic, before Helmut Lang given up the rights to his name, he is currently not designing anywhere.

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent bag, 
era Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent

Boots, Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Swarovski crystal boots,

This doesn't mean that my clothing has a lot of exaggerating details, tassles zippers or a many other unneccessary accents- and or details. It's rather plain, pure and simple in the meaning of absolute perfectness, I prefer rather minimalism. With an option to accessorize. 

Though the clothes itself speaks for themselves and its a combination of the selection, made at the moment I purchased it. The result at the end is somehow more outspoken,sort statement. It also depends what kind of shoes I have chosen to wear with the outfit. Shoes is definitely something you can complete an outfit, or destroy it. I've got a lot of extravagant models.
   A few photo's of some of my shoes 
Pythonleather platform booties Christian Louboutin
This is another subject to talk about for the next time, You always want more. even when you have dozen pair of shoes. Love, love, love shoes, the more the merrier and with skyhigh heels. More then enough to talk about.....
Platform peep toe stilettopump Charlotte Olympia
My personal style is also based on the selection of chosen fashion designers which are my favorites and it happens I look good in them. 

The following fashiondesigners are my alltime favorites:
Maison Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Costume National, Helmut lang authentic, Yves Saint Laurent especially Tom Ford for YSL, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Celine, Hermes (especially Martin Margiela for Hermes) because it's so hysterical classic. And they have my all time favorite scent: Hermes 24, rue de Faubourg, but I haven't got a single piece pice of them, I can't afford it. And vintage Hermes is sometimes even more expensive. But I would love to have something from Hermes ofcourse, besides the scarfs.
And I'm a huge Lover of Olivier Theyskens. When he was designing for himself. I have some pieces, my treasures from his collections in the beginning of his career.

Thinking about the best show collections (always in the back of my head) I search and scroll on the internet, hoping to find a piece of a specific fashionshow having in my mind. With all the patience and absolute confidence to find it somewhere. Besides visiting outlets, sample sales, stock sales, private sales, garage sales etc. I surf on the internet.

One of a very good source in order to get one of my favorite items is searhing on ebay. Not to become addicted or obsessed of Ebay, you have to strict yourself to certain rules. But later more about that...Just Another subject to talk about...

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