In this category I'll write down some Tips & Tricks how to maintain your clothing. This in order to extend your personal wardrobe.

I'll also provide some tips I use in my personal bargain hunting of vintage designer clothing


This title says enough. As precise I take care of my clothes, A few times I screw up a precious delicate piece of knitwear. One day I had thrown one of my favorite silk/wool cardigan already in the machine, to do a delicate wash. I got distracted by something, left the laundrymachine as is for that moment. Two days later I decided to give my bedding an extra good wash of 90 degrees…? 90 degrees what on earth was I thinking. At the end of pulling the bedding out of the machine a tiny baby cardigan was left, fluff everywhere, completely lost all it radiance, form and appealing. 

The same thing happens again about a week ago with my beloved Rick Owens wrap knitted vest, dress. This time without 90degrees the same endresult. All I muttered was oh no not again. In the meantime all washing tips scrolls through my head, especially grandmothers tips and tricks. Somehow this can be redone, how was it again you could I fix this problem. It will take a lot of work. But even this tiny shrunken piece can get back to it’ s orginal shape. 

So all you have to do is this:
When a sweater has been shrunk after a wrong washing . Let the shrunk sweater soak in distilled water for a night. With 1/2 a cup of tartaric acid, you can get this at the pharmacy. The next day rinse again with distilled water. Pull the sweater back in shape and let the sweater dry between 2 towels...

Another solution which might seem to help is BEANS
Cook beans in a pot with water, remove the beans and put the garment in the now cooled water. Put the garment flat on a towel to dry.

Or to to add a cup of glycerin in distilled water and then the same process as the beans.

I haven’t deciced yet which solution I find the most attractive but more important which one should work out for the best. I’ll let you know which option I have chosen and will show you the final result
Continuing this subject here are some tricks I have tested myself and these are truly working.

Polishing silver jewelery.
I hate polishing silver when it has become all black. The next trick is so easy to be done and your silver will sparkle and shine again like new.
I put a piece of aluminium foil in a tupperware basket then I put all my silver jewellery, which needs a polish, on top of it. I’ll throw a lot of cleaning soda beware NO baking soda. Cover all the jewellery with it. Then boil some hot water and through the hot water into the tupperware basket. It starts sizzling and bubbling and it doesn’t smell that nice. When the bubbling has ended throw away the black colored water and rinse off your silverwear with fresh tap water And dry them off wih a soft cloth. All the silver is shiny without any hard work done.

Black Garments: 
Would you like your black clothing that stays black?
Pour into a large bucket or your tub of boiling water and add a couple of ivy garlands. 
Leave it in there for three hours and then remove the plants. Allow to stand over night, in the morning everything rinse and let it dry. After this you put the garment in the washer with some vinegar.
And your black garment is black again!
Be careful with the other laudry the first washing will still release some blackness.
Be sure you wash it with other dark items.

White Garments: When you want your white clothes white again there is this thing which really helps. Unfortunatelly you have to wat for the winterseason. Tho get your whit wash white again monarch does help. Hang your clothes outside on a line when it freezes and the next morning the weather has turned your white clothes as white as you like having new clothes.

Another trick you can do during the whole season is to put some steradent with the white washing and it comes out more white.
The same results is when you put some glass cleaner, the one your using for your dishwasher, add it with the laundry and you wash will come out white.


To be more precise the clothing moth. Once before I got to work just about to to leave my house, I saw this gold little moth flying. Which made me almost hysterical. Completely distracted and to have experienced some real difficulties to focus myself I could breath again when I set foot back at home. A colleague had asked me just before closing time to have a drink. All I could yhink about was no way,  F*** that drink for now, safe it for later. There is this major important thing to do. Safe my assets. Even I had to turn my place upside down, in order to find the source of these devastating creatures. All my delicate silk and cashmere pullovers, cardigans, dresses etc which I have been so careful with all my life, destroyed by moths....just the thought made me sick in my stomach. At that time I had recently moved in and finally had set everything in my wardrobes, now I could start all over again. Strangely it was during wintertime, not the time to have moths actually. By the time I took a pile of clothes outside, I couldn't see a thing. Later when my arms starts to hurt of beating of my clothes, no flying moth was spotted or to find the source. When you see a clothing moth flying, the damage has already been taking place and somewhere there are some scary creatures eating from your clothes, such a horrorible thought.    

The impact was huge, to have seen that flying moth that afternoon. Nowadays I try to destroy (sorry) these moths. I have to guard my clothes which demands drastic methods.

Every silk, cashmere, merino wool pullover, cardigan, dress etc. etc. I put them in the freezer for at least 20 days up to a month.You have to leave it there 10 days. I know I can behave exaggerated (remember my first story). Wrapped in plastic ziplocs and leave them there, some pieces still lay in there, completely forgotten by Mi.

Then instead of plastic clothing covers. I've put every delicate, precious clothing piece in cotton covers. Which makes it very difficult to remember what is actually in every cotton cover. they all look alike. Not to mention there isn't an unit cohesion inside my closet.
For extra care, I wrap all delicate, fragile, vintage- and or new pieces made of silk in acid-free paper before I'll put them in their cotton covers and stack them up in an unrecognizable pile of clothes..    
In every hidden corner there's some moth-paper which attracts moths (only if you have any in your house). 
Mothballs are just to avoid them and keep them away. They won't dispel the moths.

Almost every time I'll leave the house for a few hours. I spray moth,- and these flying bugs poisoning spray around.
And then the most important part, in every precious cotton cover, between the pile of pullovers, just everywhere if possible, I've put some BAY-LEAVES. Moths seems to hate them.
The consequence's all dried up bay-leaves everywhere through my whole apartment.

To remember which clothes are in which cotton cover. I've made pictures or pictures out of magazines of that particular clothing piece. This takes all more then weeks to clean up and organise, it really seems like a never ending project.     


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To embellish your dress can be done pretty easily. I'll show you an example how you can embellish your own clothes and it provides you something to pay attention for when you'll visit a fleamarket a next time.

I had once bought a simple plain black (transparent) dress, so sorry no designerbrand ( what was I thinking:-) )
And in one of my hunting and scrolling over fleamarkets I'd found these closing parts made of pewter. They are little ornament creatures to me. I find them so nice and already pictured in my head how to use it, when I purchased them. 

so if you have a dress which might need some little extra's. You can sew similar buttons for example at the end of your sleeve. The way I sew them on the top of the sleeve makes it look like a shoulderstrap, as an epaulet. I have these elements also sewn at the end of the loose waistband.

Just at two points of the dress. 
I like to have an element repeated in the same outfit. 
Because this dress is transparent I like to wear a slip dress which is not in the same color as the dress. But to wear it in an opposite color, it will still shows some of the original color of the slip-dress underneath.
For this dress I always wear it with a white color slip-dress.
And I'm not bothered by the length of the hem. Which in this case it shows a big part of the slip-dress's hem.

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