Friday, February 17, 2012

1st blog WHO IS Mi?

I am passionate about fashion, fascinated with it. With its trends and dynamic. 
No area in our world changes as fast. 
From the time I got my first clothing allowance I am extending my personal wardrobe. I’d rather buy a nice "often expensive" special designer piece. Later on that would preferably be a piece that had been showed on the runway. 
Fashion is an art to me. I collected a huge wardrobe it seems, in all those years. Also being a great lover and collector of vintage designer clothing. In my clothing room there is a second freezer. This to get rid of possible clothing moths, in here, my silk & cashmere sweaters-and / or dresses etc, are put in the freezer. It needs 10 days to get rid of the possible moths. Some of my clothing lay in there for over 4 months, there's starting a lack of space to occur. The freezer, it's now also a sort of small cabinet....

Having done some pretty excessive/ obsessed behaviour in order to maintain a particular clothing item (some one may recall)
To give some more examples how willful I can be.
Once there was a concert of Marilyn Manson in the london Arena, I had tickets to this concert to go. As I am, I refuse to participate this concert as a look-a-like version of him, why should I? Isn't he the one who represents free will, create your own personality and individuality. Therefore I had set my mind to be dressed as fashionable as possible for this occasion. I decided to go in black and gold. Only I didn't have anything in proper gold. Heading off into something gold, there it was the perfect top for that concert, only this time not a vintage/ off season designer piece. But newer then new, a gold metal brass square front with three small backchains. It costed me a shitload, I really mean looots of money, 4 digits in total. Without calculate a pair of shoes to add. I found stiletto booties of Versace (for heavensake! thankfully the logo was that tiny, you have to take out your magnifying glass to see where it is) it matched so well with the gold top because of the small gold detail on the backside of the shoe
:-) During the concert it took less then 15 minutes and the backchain snapped....

Trousers Costume National,
Expensive Gold mesh top

Not yet to talk about the times that was persuaded to buy something. Ofcourse beyond beautiful and beyond this 'one and only' chance. purchases as in unexpected expenses. Not taking into any of my budgets. To purchase that absolute fantastic Rick Owens leather top, a bargain which really add to my wardrobe. I only had 10 days left of that same month, to eat from 1 jar of peanutbutter

Or to get the train and go to Antwerp or Paris just to buy that one particular item I had my eye on. For me that wasn't really excessive behaviour. Just a nice trip to make. Having said that I remember my first expensive purchase,when I was 17 short gray wool jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier.

On the photo’s you can see how beautifully crafted this piece is. The wonderful finishing of the seams and the great cut. Even the label is to love for and I still wear this jacket today! I might even insert new sleeves someday…

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