Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hit The Road in True Italian Style
Meet the 500 By Gucci

As part of Gucci’s 90th anniversary celebration this year, we’re taking a stylish spin with another titan of Italian design, Fiat. 
Creative director Frida Giannini in collaboration with Fiat’s design office has customized the iconic Fiat 500, or as it’s known in Italian,  “cinquecento.” 
Called 500 by Gucci, the special edition car, which comes in glossy black and white, marries the design ethos of two of Italy’s most historical brands. 

The link has always been there according to Frida Giannini, because Gucci began as a producer  of suitcases and travel items. It’s a lifestyle . The idea to collarborate  on the Fiat 500 and for Gucci to have a compact, on-the-go-car  is a reflecting  of our life today. A beautiful, powerful, sexy women does not necessarily go around in a limosine- she is much more cool if she takes a utilitarian approach. It’s like pairing a crocodile handbag with jeans.