Sunday, September 15, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld mini horror movie Fendi’s 2013 Fall/Winter ‘INVITO PERICOLOSO’ 

More and more short movies are directed, created and linked to fashion designers, show/ ready to wear collections. As Cartier took it almost 5 years to launch there advertising campaign as a film directory approach. As Gareth Pugh started to show his collection as first initiator on a big videoscreen. As I've posted earlier about Cartier launched it's advertisement campaign as a movie, Burberry new media design, e. o.

Karl Lagerfeld, multitalented and gifted fashion designer, photographer and now as director for Fendi's 2013 fall collection. Entitled INVITO PERICOLOSO, “Perilous Invitation”, the artsy retro-inspired horror film sees Cara Delevingne alongside Saskia de Brauw – each showcasing the Italian fashion label’s fur-centric Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

I'm a graduated Audio Visual communication designer, was my approach to visualize moving images within sequence in timing related to fashion and to trend forecasting. Starting back in 1995 when I created Audio visual presentations for trend/ forecasting assignments. It's inspiring and motivating to see the development and approaches on very high level in fashion nowadays!

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