Friday, November 9, 2012


As a true believer of written notes, to keep my personal information data-preserved. I’m definitely willing but I gave up just solemnly believing and trusting in the digital preservation of information. By every time when they invented the ‘newest’ for years to safe and back-up your information by digital backup devices. Too many times dealt with a crashed digital gadgets like my digital agenda/diary, digital psion, or even worse, my Iphone, after being crashed not only once but twice and still missing an important part between december 2011 and march 2012, including phonenumbers, data of appointments, little important personal notes and so on. I’m a true believer of the written script. So I started to write over every phone number, important dates to remember, appointments or any other information to keep, just with pen and paper. Using my old Rolodex again which has a good place on my desk.  And always carrying my diary- or sketchbook- or notebook with me. 
In my big purse and stuff it in my perception all the neccessities or in other means I carry stuff with me like a pack donkey.

For this moment, I’ve discovered the tinier the notebooks, the more I love it.  Already know(n) for my expensive taste for quality, I prefer the more luxury, exclusive hard covers made of leather, favorite are crocodile or python, not to buy myself any of such, prices are rocket sky high. But the exquisite collection offered by Moleskine makes me very greedy too and it makes me really happy just to get it as a gift or the moment after purchasing a tiny notebook, or the huge big notebook/ diary.

Stationery it is and besides fashion another love. How curious I’ve become to hear the news of the flagship brand of LVMH group LOUIS VUITTON to open a stationery boutique, a space dedicated to writing planned to open in the beginning of December 2012, located at Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Between the famous Flore and Deux Magots. The left bank of the Seine at the corner of 6 Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, whose famous cafes and booksellers have been a magnet for famous writers for decades.
Word has it that Louis Vuitton, which earlier this year confirmed it would extend its brand into perfume, is also plotting a move into stationery. According to Reuters sources, the French leather goods powerhouse — which already markets some pens, agendas, travel guides and notebooks — plans to upgrade and extend its writing category in paper, pens and stationery upscale. To launch covered alligator pens, paper and colored ink in inkwells Baccarat crystal, It is understood the product initiative is tied to the ambitious forthcoming expansion of its boutique at Saint-Germain-des-Prés,
Celebrating the world of travel and writing through the presence of books and artwork, The brand's first venture into selling stationery has started half october by its temporary literary exhibition entitled L'Ecriture est un Voyage - meaning 'writing is a journey' - and runs until New Year's Eve. Space at 170 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris.
Louis Vuitton and LVMH have refused to comment. But will send out an official press release later

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