Sunday, September 30, 2012


In one of my earlier posts. In my post I’ve written about multi sensory experience high end fashion stores. In a world where the average person sees 3,000 advertisements a day, the only way to stand out is by delivering a multi-sensory experience customers won’t forget. Creating, engaging experiences by using music, video and digital signage, messaging, scent, and audio/visual systems to personify and enhance brands to create lasting connections that encourage customer loyalty.

As on 26 April 2012 starts Burberry with BURBERRY WORLD LIVE, Burberry worlds of British Heritage, Fashion, Music and Weather to celebrate the opening of the Burberry Taiwan flagship store at Taipei 101.

The online community Burberry created as a digitally elevated audiovisual shopping experience, connecting consumers with not only their products, but integrating music and video as well to engage and entertain.”

Last week on Thursday 28-09-12 Burberry opened a new flagship store on London's Regent Street, packed with technological goodies and huge video walls that magically interact with you when you walk up to them. One of the biggest projects ever undertaken by the fashion house, the huge store on Europe's premiere shopping street includes "immersive audiovisual experiences" from nearly 500 speakers and 100 screens that "closely engage customers through emotive brand content including disruptive digital takeovers, such as rain showers synchronised across all screens and speakers at selected moments throughout the day".

Surprising new shopping trends and unexpected gender twists are pushing big name luxury brands to new heights. A new breed of big spenders is out in full force, where men shop like ladies and women spend like men. Beyond the role reversal there’s a new group of shoppers with a spending habit that’s setting the luxury world on fire. 

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