Sunday, May 27, 2012


In a world where the average person sees 3,000 advertisements a day, the only way to stand out is by delivering a multi-sensory experience customers won’t forget. Creating, engaging experiences by using music, video and digital signage, messaging, scent, and audio/visual systems to personify and enhance brands to create lasting connections that encourage customer loyalty.

As on 26 April 2012 BURBERRY WORLD LIVE, a 360 immersive experience. Christopher Bailey designed a custom cylindrical space that brought to life the Burberry worlds of British Heritage, Fashion, Music and Weather to celebrate the opening of the Burberry Taiwan flagship store at Taipei 101. This multi sensory experience is the first to blur the physical and digital dimensions of the brand. The iconic British trench coat maker has outdone itself by shown off its ability to use digital technology to spread its brand name around in the past by hosting live 3-D streams of Burberry fashion shows, allowing in-store customers to shop from tablets, and creating animated GIFs of how different collections look.

BURBERRY has merged technology and fashion for Burberry World Live, an immersive experience paying tribute to its longstanding heritage. While the opening featured a slew of Taiwanese stars including singer and actress Jolin Tsai, it also featured an eight-part 360 degree film, a live musical performance and digital weather experience.
The immersive experience will also make stops in Hong Kong, London, and Chicago as well, with the idea of creating “a lavish promotional event that’s essentially bringing to life the online community Burberry created as a digitally elevated audiovisual shopping experience, connecting consumers with not only their products, but integrating music and video as well to engage and entertain.”


It already started in 2001 when Rem Koolhaas (OMA) designed for Prada their Prada Flagship store in New York. Upon entering the store, which was previously housed the SoHo branch of the Guggenheim Museum. OMA is said to have spent two months of research "investigating ways to reinvent the retail experience." The store's design is more or less a round up of recent technological innovations which work with varying degrees of success in shopping environments. The most interesting are those found in the changing rooms. The changing rooms have sliding glass doors made with SGG's Priva-Lite technology, a glass with liquid crystal film inside that becomes opaque when an electric current through the film is cut off. The technology is impressive, and it started to make space for more technology and experience for innovative retail architecture and shopping experiences.

Also Balenciaga uses for each of the Balenciaga boutique the concept of architectural gestures and uniform visual identity of most international fashion bands. Using an architectural concept based on climate and landscape and fiction and abstraction. Every Balenciaga Boutique is adapted to its city local context and history, creating a mise en scene for each new collection – every season they tell a new story. Bringing the outside, inside for his Balenciaga store back in 2003. The new look, conceived with the help of contemporary artist Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, is based on landscapes, in spite of its hard angles. a luminous, blue-walled underground passage giving the impression of walking through water. The floor is covered with swathes of sand-like flooring, striped wavy carpeting and flags of irregular-shaped matte black basalt. These irregular, multi-sided shapes are also cut into walls as display areas or to allow quick glimpses through a partition. Volcanic rocks erupt out of the floor and visitors are greeted upon arrival by a huge volcanic boulder punctuated with bright aqua blue shelves. This blue reappears on clothes rails and as a wall sculpture. Instead of mannequins in the window the store features a mini desert scene with succulents like sempervivums and sansieveria ("mother-in- law's tongue") growing in pebbles. Every half-hour throughout the day the light will change like real weather, from soft to hot to a shining sun or clouds across the sky.

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